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Plottr 101: Free Video Course

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  1. Installing Plottr for Windows
  2. Installing Plottr for Mac
  3. How to Download Plottr
  4. Activating Your Plottr License Key
  5. Module 3: Timeline
    Introducing the Timeline
  6. How Scene Cards Work
  7. How Chapters Work
  8. Navigating the Timeline Toolbar
  9. Module 4: Outline
    Introducing the Outline
  10. Filtering the Outline
  11. Module 5: Notes
    Introducing Notes
  12. Filtering Your Notes
  13. Module 6: Characters
    Introducing Characters
  14. Module 7: Places
    Introducing Places
  15. Adding Characters
  16. Custom Attributes for Characters
  17. Filtering Characters
  18. Custom Attributes for Places
  19. Filtering Places
  20. Module 8: Tags
    Introducing Tags
  21. Adding and Deleting Tags
  22. Using Tags in Your Project
  23. Color Coordinating Your Tags
  24. Module 9: Projects (Series Bible)
    Introducing Projects (Series Bible)
  25. Adding and Deleting Books
  26. Using Series View
  27. Navigating Your Account
  28. Creating Your First Project
  29. Module 1: Getting Started
    An Overview of Plottr
  30. Using Timeline Starter Templates
  31. Using Character Starter Templates
  32. Editing and Deleting Characters
  33. Adding and Deleting Places
  34. Adding and Deleting Notes
  35. How Plotlines Work
  36. Color Coordinating Your Plotlines
  37. Creating Custom Timeline Templates
  38. How Chapters Work in Outline View
  39. Using Scene Cards in Outline View
  40. How Notes Work
  41. Creating Custom Character Templates
  42. Ordering the Books in Your Project
  43. Reseting Your Password
  44. Module 2: Dashboard
    Introducing The Dashboard
  45. Opening an Existing Project
  46. Creating a New Project from a Starter Template
  47. Creating a New Project from Snowflake Pro
  48. How to Stack Scene Cards
  49. Using Attributes on the Timeline
  50. Using Scene Card Templates
  51. Creating Custom Scene Card Templates
  52. Organizing Scene Cards in Outline View
  53. How to Deactivate and Reactivate Your License Key
  54. Custom Categories for Characters
  55. Module 10: Exporting
    An Overview of Exporting from Plottr
  56. Exporting to Microsoft Word
  57. Exporting to Scrivener
  58. Logging Into Your Account
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Activating Your Plottr License Key

In this video tutorial, you’ll discover how to activate your Plottr license key on your computer — these instructions apply for both Mac and PC.

Additional Notes

  • You can access your Plottr license key at any time via the License Key page in your Account.
  • You can also find your license key in the receipt you received after purchasing Plottr.
  • An active license key is required to receive app updates for Plottr.